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5 crucial marketing trends in 2022 for your business

The market changes every day and so does the trends related to it. Here are some of the marketing trends you should not miss for your business in 2022.

• Videos are going to rule – Videos would replace all the assets used in marketing campaigns. Banners, brochures and so on are going to take a backseat in 2022. New doors of creativity and innovation would sprung wide open. So, brace yourself!

• Emails – Emails are being prioritized because it could be drafted on a personalized basis without disturbing the privacy factor.

• Forget loyalty programs – Loyalty programs are going to be a thing of the past. Loyalty points used to attract customers during a point of time, but not anymore. Offers like free shipping, exclusive product access, etc. are going to be embraced more.

• Discounts – With digital being the new normal, brands are moving their reliance away from discounts. Discounts that do not keep the discounts for long are going to be replaced.

• Direct Mail – The good ol’ direct mail is believed to make a comeback.

Keeping these new trends that are going to rule the 2022 market, keep your business in line with the market and its needs.

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