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AFFILIATE MARKETING - How it work, the benefits, is it worth it?

Nowadays, it’s all about marketing. Whether its direct or indirect, marketing aids immensely in the growth of an organization. While marketers use a number of marketing tactics, affiliate marketing is what’s ruling the marketing scenario.

Affiliate marketing lets the affiliate earn a commission for marketing another company’s or individual’s products. They earn a piece of profit from each sale they make. Affiliate links help in tracking these sales. Affiliate marketing basically includes three parties – The seller, the affiliate and the consumer. Below the diagram showing ‘How does Affiliate Marketing Works?’

The seller is the vendor or creator of a product, be it goods or services, who does not wish to be directly involved in the marketing process and the affiliate markets those products to the consumers in an appealing way. However while clicking on the link of products, the consumer is taken straight to the page of the creator.

Affiliates share these products with the consumers on social media, websites and blogs and this is where digital marketing comes into picture. Top digital marketing agencies are offering these services that are helping the affiliates with the promotion and marketing of such brands. Pay per sale, pay per lead or pay per click, there are several ways an affiliate gets paid.

The most common affiliate marketing channels nowadays are the bloggers, influencers, email lists, paid search focused micro sites, large media websites and so on. While bloggers initiate with SEO-friendly content, influencers help immensely in the reach of such websites.

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