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#DigitalTrends: Global social media statistics research in 2022

On average, the world population uses Social Media on a daily basis. According to the social media statistics, a total of 58.4% of the total population uses Social Media everyday for at least a total of two hours and twenty-seven minutes.

There’s a total estimation of 424 million people joining Social Media every year.

There are total 74.8% people who are over the age of 13, who use Social Media on an everyday basis. Notably, there are about 44% of 8-11 year olds using social media apps and sites, which jumps up to a 87% in case of 12-15 year olds.

At present there are a total of 4.95 Billion users who are categorized under ‘Internet users’ and a total of 4.62 Billion active social media users in the whole world.

The 2022 analysis shows the regional use of social media. The various inactive social media penetration in Eastern Asia is 69%; in North America it is 82%; in Southern America, it is 79%; in Northern Europe it is 85%; and 84% in Western Europe.

But these social media penetration drastically falls down to 45% in Southern Asia, 16% in Western Africa and just a total of 8% in Middle Africa.

• Facebook: According to the statistics, the reach for the Facebook Interactions was mainly through Live videos, secondly through image posting, thirdly through video posting, fourthly through links, and lastly through status posting. Albeit, Instagram Organic Interactions was mostly by Carousel, secondly by image posting, and thirdly by video posting.

The world’s most used social media platforms, as recorded were:-

• Facebook with 2910 million active users,

• YouTube with 2562 million active users,

• Whatsapp with a total of 2000 million active users,

• Instagram with 1478 million active users,

• We chat with 1263 million active users,

• Tiktok with 1000 million active users,

• FB Messenger with 988 million active users,

• Telegram with 550 million active users,

• Pinterest with 444 million active users,

• Twitter with a total of 436 million active users,

• Reddit with a total of 430 active users, and finally,

• Quora with a total of 300 million active users.

Keep these factors in mind and you will witness Google traffic in no time.

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