Dispute resolution

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Dispute resolution

Since the proving quality service and maintaining harmonious work relationships with clients are of concern to WebArt Technology, it is important that any dispute which a client may have been dealt with as quickly and fairly as possible. In accordance with this, the following procedure is to be followed:

This Dispute Resolution Policy applies to a client who:

has signed a service contract with WebArt Technology as a member of the regular client base and completed his/her first milestone payment period;

This Dispute Resolution Policy forms part of the client individual contract of engagement.

The purpose of this policy is to provide a mechanism for the resolution of disputes between the client and WebArt Technology, which cannot be resolved by informal discussions. Nothing in this policy shall be considered as having the effect of preventing the client from attempting to resolve a dispute by discussing it with his/her assigned project manager, before resorting to the Dispute Resolution Policy.

Throughout the entire process of dispute resolution and arbitration procedures, the client has the right to be accompanied or represented by two members. All actions other than the filing of the dispute at the initial step and to arbitration to be taken by a client in these procedures may be taken on his/her behalf by his/her authorized representatives.

The facts that gave rise to the dispute shall be summarized in an email signed by the client. The email shall specify the nature of the redress being sought.

No technical error in the filing of a dispute shall affect its validity. Once discovered, a technical error shall be communicated to the other party. The dispute may be amended to correct the technical error.

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