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E-learning :

Make training and education more affordable and accessible with our simplified e-learning solutions.

Experience smart e-learning solutions with WebArt Technology. Our e-learning solutions encompass utmost transparency by providing real time updates on the lessons and classes covered, coupled with a handful other essential metrics to make sure that students are always at the top of their game. For a wholesome training, relevant suggestions help students stay ahead of the curve with features such as recording documents and progress while completing their lessons and receive certifications.

Channel your knowledge and your subject matter experts through our e-learning solutions to keep your customers hooked and deploy better user satisfaction with seamless efficiency.

Why choose us?

So what exactly does set us apart? From programming a simple class to creating a full creative idea from scratch, our vetted team of professionals can take care of any concept that you are thinking of bringing to life. You dream, we create it for you.

Training : Our e-learning services are visually appealing to students which helps them to receive crystal clear presentations with technologically driven solutions. From simple presentations to serving different multimedia formats, we aim to provide an effective and wholesome learning experience.

Library : Our e-learning solutions entails an in-built library that students will be able to refer back to and also play courses they have purchased before. Rapid Authoring: Seamlessly transform your academic notes and study materials into electronic format. Over developers use premium tools to ensure that a wide range of file format is supported to provide the ultimate versatility for your users.


Contact management :

Empower your users to isolate their courses and contacts for better organisation of data.

Leads Management :

Grow your platform with effective lead management which helps you to make better assessments based on numerous factors.

Sales Forecasting :

With the help of accurate data and reports, effectively manage your business and enable it to reach greater audiences

Dashboards :

A well structured dashboard allows students to find all insights in a comprehensive way allowing them to better track their progress and ongoing courses.

Chat :

Enable live chat with your students for a better one on one support and doubt clearing.

Analytics :

Valuable insights about your sales figures and traffic flow will help to harden your campaign while pointing out all the shortcoming of the campaign allowing you to rectify them.

Workflow optimisation :

With all the data and information readily available at the fingertips, your students can easily analyse their progress to ensure greater efficiency.

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