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Healthcare :

We guarantee good health with our professional Healthcare management solution services

A person’s health is of utmost importance so we believe in channelling your care towards them often leads to some wonderful results. Every patient has a different story and different diagnosis and our all-round healthcare applications can help you to spread your clinical expertise towards your patients.

We at Webart Technology consider customer satisfaction and reliability as being of utmost importance. Therefore, our healthcare management solutions ensure that there is complete transparency during treatment with an emphasis on patients of all ages and we aim to weave the medical information with the help of our solutions to ensure that there is complete transparency between you and your patients.

Benefits of our healthcare solutions :

Doctor’s appointment : Patients will be now able to book a doctor’s appointment from the comfort of their homes and are able to see which doctors are available at their preferable time.

Regular health Checkups : We give out regular updates to our subscribers for checking their health on a regular basis.

Simpler Navigation : With simple and easy to use interfaces, our healthcare solutions provide patients with a one click solution to almost all of their problems.

Shopping and transport : With realtime tracking and inventory lists, shopping for your medical needs have never been so easy.

Medicine availability : Our smart healthcare solutions shows the availability of prescribed medicines.

Features :

Patient Portal:

The portal allows the client to find all his information neatly organised on his dashboard.


Realtime availability of doctors can be easily checked with instant appointment booking.

Medical reports and documentation:

Medical reports are very important and these are easily accessed from the portal.


The patients will be able to find their outstanding amount based on the treatment they are availing.


The conditions and diagnosis of clients are sorted in chronological order for better clarity of use.

Form generation and distribution:

All the essential forms needed to produce are conveniently stacked in a single place.


Streamline operations to propagate workflow with the utmost ease.

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