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Logistics :

WebArt Technology’s Smart Logistics Software Development services.

We ate WebArt Technology aims to detangle your logistical complexities in order for you to reach your goals within no time. Our refined logistical solutions aim to contribute towards all the stages of logistics that are required by your business. From managing your orders to managing your inventory, WebArt Technology’s state of the art logistical solutions helps to same both your time and money where wanderers can experience a complete hassle free moving.

Why choose us?

Prompt and efficient logistical solutions provide a managed approach that helps with transporting belongings that most of the movers crave for. With the use of a smooth supply chain operation, our team makes sure that they emphasise some of the most mature aspects in the stages of development.

Features :

Experienced and certified developers :

We at WebArt Technology take pride in our team to develop some efficient digital solutions. With each member of the WebArt Technolgy team being super competent in their field of function, you are sure to get the best solution for your business.

Dependable navigation :

Our programmers and developers take the utmost care while the development process to ensure that you always have a fine and hassle free experience no matter where you are and what your requirements are.

Smart management :

With smart algorithms in place working behind the scenes of our logistical solutions, we make sure that your conveyance is taken care of with minimal hassle and frustrations.

Always learning :

We at WebArt Technolgy believe that the sky is the limit when it comes to learning and upskilling your field. Therefore, it is our aim that we never stop learning so that we never lose pace in this ever changing industry enabling us to refine our skills over time to better support our customers.

Our wide range of customer focussed features :

Diversified payment methods :

Don’t have cash on you? There is no need to worry. Our Logistics solutions have got your customers covered with our wide range of diverse payment options to make sure that you never lose out on any payment.

Customer Portal :

The dedicated page for the customers make it easy to book your services, pay for them for ease with just a click of a button as well as keeping a complete live track of their order making sure that transparency is always maintained.

3rd Party Payments :

From Paypal to Stripe, our wide range of payment integration can help you to accept payments from all kinds of customers from every part of the world without any additional hassle.

Advance payments :

Our logistical solutions enable the customers to pay the advance before a certain milestone to make sure that your payments are always secured.

Multiple currency support :

No matter if you deal with local customers or clients from a different continent, currency shall never be a problem when it comes to accepting payments from all over the world with the help of our third party payment integrations.

Billing :

Placing an order and billing has never been so much simple. As soon as your customers pay for the order a computer generated bill is forwarded to their registered emails.

Warehouse Management :

Our logistical solutions enable greater transparency with live warehouse management stats for greater transparency.

Tracking :

With real time tracking of your logistical vehicles not only will you be able to plan more efficient routes, but you will also be able to monitor them throughout their journey. Other aspects such as packaging and loading of your materials can also be monitored and the customers are sent real time updates regarding the same.

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