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Real estate :

Connect your customers with their dream homes with our Real Estate Software solutions.

Armed with the power of our real estate development solutions achieve greater organisational sales through user satisfaction. Our real estate solutions empower you to exchange your relationship with not only your existing clients but also new and prospecting clients. Our rigorous quality checks enable you to perfectly match the needs of your clients allowing you to serve them according to their demands, therefore in order to deploy complete customer satisfaction, our real estate solution seamlessly integrates with client oriented specific essentials.

Features :

After working with tons of businesses in the Real Estate industry and serving them complete satisfaction, our development model has gone through tremendous changes to achieve the perfect rating in user experience.

Multilingual websites :

It does not matter that your customers come to you locally or from overseas, the language will never be a barrier with our multilingual websites allowing you to serve those with a different tongue.

Notifications :

Our alert system allows for you and your customers to stay updated with the latest developments, always keeping you on your toes.

Calendar :

Seamless integration of appointments on calendars help your customers to stay updated, keeping them organised and brace themselves for new communications beforehand.

Document management :

Keep all your important documents safe and secure with our industry leading solutions which complies with the encryption standards set forth in the industry.

User Management :

Manage your customers seamlessly for easy access for an effective operational flow.

Task Management :

With timely tracking and administration, never miss out on any task to help you heighten your sales.

Dashboard Management :

Gauge your performance and KPI with the help of exact insights lending you a hand in a smoother operational flow.

Ticket management :

Make sure none of your clients is left unsatisfied. With our ticket management system, tackling customer issues and complaints has never been much simpler.

Invoice :

Like all our solutions, our real estate solutions are equipped with instant invoice system which immediately shoots out the invoice as soon as the payment is made by your customer.

Leads management :

Proper and effective lead generation enables not only to acquire new clients but also to administer their fluctuations.

Finance Management :

From tackling debts to tracking equities we make it simple to manage your financial flow.

Pipelines :

In-person assembly to property tours to administering marketing and many more.

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