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Retail :

Promote and sell your products to your customers by establishing a firm brand identity with the help of our seamless Retail solutions.

The veteran developers at WebArt Technology are well equipped in their exact field to aim to create the perfect retail solution for you. From vetting your investments forward to running your state of the art store to acquiring your first customer, we are always on the lookout for the complete satisfaction of our clients so they can focus solely on their customers. Our unique approach to the retail industry has helped us to bring out the best to run your retail shop successfully.

Building with dedication :

From handling national level retail concerns to your neighbourhood shops, WebArt Technology’s retail solutions have worked up its way by covering a wide range of diversified requirements. With on-time completion of the project to set up your store, we have come a long way to enable you to administer strict adherence to finances for the maximum outcome.

Why choose our services?

Enhance efficiency : The telecom industry relies greatly on communication. Our solution enables teams to contribute to making every aspect better.

Effective customer service : Our 24 hour support team is always ready to help you with any of your queries and requests. With just a few simple clicks and you should be able to put in a request with just a click of a button.

Influence Customers : Further your customer’s interest in an artistic manner by providing them with detailed product information and exhibit spaces for maximum profitability.

Minimised operational costs : With WebArt technology tackling your retail influence, you can focus solely on your operations. From finances to wages of your employees, our team at WebArt Technology ensures that you never face any hassle in any way.

Payment Data : When you want to accept payments from various sources, it becomes crucial that sensitive financial data are always kept safe and away from the hands of phishers and scammers. From billing to refunds, our retail service solutions keep you safe from these dark hands.

Features :

Order Management :

Dedicated tab that will keep a record of all the sales and the transactions. This allows real-time assessment of your performance hence assuring full transparency.

Stock Management :

We provide a systematic structure which allows effective inventory management helping you to update product availability status in real time.

Billing :

After a successful transaction, your clients will immediately receive the bill on their registered email id.

Loyalty Management :

Take care of your biggest customers with our Loyalty programs to offer them bigger and better deals to make sure that they never lose out on the best deals ensuring customer retention.

Customer Portal :

A dedicated customer portal allows for better clarity between you and your customers.

Delivery Management :

With WebArt Technology’s retail management solution, tracking deliveries and returns have never been much easier.

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